Guys Who Lie

Have you ever wondered why guys lie?  While it is never okay for guys to lie to you, you may be interested to know that guys don’t always lie to cover up something horrible that they did.  Check out the top 5 reasons guys lie.

  1. They don’t like being wrong.  Every girl knows that guys are wrong…a lot, but no one enjoys being wrong, especially guys.  Guys will stop at nothing to keep their egos intact.
  2. They don’t want to yell.  Guys usually don’t like to argue with the people they care about.  They’d rather lie about what they did than tell you the truth when they know you won’t like it.  Guys know that girls are good at verbal arguments.  It will get heated and he will never win, so he’d rather avoid the argument altogether.
  3. They’re avoiding humiliation.  Guy using lying as a defense mechanism when they feel hurt or embarassed.
  4. They need their space.  As much as your guy might enjoy hanging out with you, he still needs time to himself and time with his friends.  He doesn’t want to sit through a long argument of why he doesn’t want to hang out with you for the night though, so he makes of reasons why he can’t. 
  5. He likes you.  When he’s getting to know you, he might feel like he needs to lie a little to impress you more.  Guys will pretend to have similar interests because they’ll afraid you won’t like them otherwise. 

Girls don’t want to be lied to by their guys though, so how do you get him to stop.  First, you need to be honest with him.  He will never know how you feel about him lying to you if  you don’t tell him.  Guys don’t understand implications either.  You need to explain it as throughly as possible.  You should also admit any of your lies.  He won’t feel like he’s being attacked if you take the oppurtunity to apologize for anything that you’ve done wrong.  It will also make it easier for you both to move forward into honesty because there will be no more lies or secrets.  Lastly, don’t attack or yell at him.  It will just make him get defense or he’ll shut down and won’t hear anything your saying.  Talk to him like an adult, not a child (even if you think he’s being immature).


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